At the heart of the Bellevue is Sunshine Park, set to be a much loved playground for the growing community. Featuring a range of Playscape Creations design and equipment which make the park a unique attraction in the Ripley Valley.

Main Tower

The main tower play element is inspired by towering rainforest trees and features unstructured play opportunities over 3 levels. The sloping deck levels challenge children to explore 3-dimensional space and develop their gross motor skills as they climb and explore. Completely enclosed by stainless steel mesh, clear lines of sight are offered across all levels, with the internal dimensions large enough to facilitate active adult supervision and engagement. Access between levels can be achieved through multiple vertical climbing tunnels, ball pommels and nets, with an exhilarating ride to the bottom via the 4.5m tube slide. The lower levels offer inclusive and passive play opportunities with tunnels, nets and a hangout space.

The playspace features two play zones; an active play area for children 5+ in the north-eastern corner and a junior play area for children up to 8 years in the south-western corner.

Cubby Tower

The secondary tower is the cubby which is an enticing “right size” structure that invites younger children of all abilities to explore. Hiding, social and imaginative play experiences abound as children create their own games with their peers.

Play Elements

Other play elements include two bay swing with toddler and baskets swings, inclusive orbit spinner, nature play elements all surrounded by shade, seating and plenty of open space.

Playscape Creations’ secured Australian supply channel and fabrication network made it possible to deliver this project on-time and on-budget, with all custom product fabrication taking place in their Brisbane, QLD facilities.